Saturday, July 6, 2013

It may be a lot of work but it is WORTH it! Creating ePub Documents!

Creating an ePub document takes a lot of strange steps at first, but once you set it up, you can turn any webpage into an epub document and store it in iBooks.

I found this very helpful this summer as I took a class which required a lot of online reading. Sometimes the ads on the sides get distracting, so I would ePub them and read them in iBooks.

For your students, this is a great way to have them find online articles about topics they are researching and get rid of all the extra distractions. They will also be able to highlight and use the features of iBooks.

From webpage to iBooks......

Follow the directions below to set up your iPad to create ePub Documents. Once you set it up, you only have to click button to ePub it! 
(As long as you have the ePub bookmark, you never have to follow these steps again!)


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