Ipads for Newbies

So I am a pretty tech savvy person, but even I was learning something daily on tricks of the iPads. (The kids taught me a lot, even my 57 year old mom taught me a trick!) iPads are the easiest type of technology to use these days. It takes a lot to really mess anything up....There is only one button!

 If you already know these tricks, sorry, but some of us go months without realizing there was Caps Lock! :)

Tip #1
If the iPad every "ACTS UP" just reset it. Press and hold the sleep/wake button and slide the red slider to turn it off.
If you need to hard reset it, then hold down the sleep/wake button and the Home button at the same time. It has always fixed all of my class iPad problems.

Tip #2
Do you love those cute little smiley faces, or the random icons you see in emails? Well it is easy to create a new keyboard on your iPad.
Click on settings> General >Keyboard >International Keyboards > Add new Keyboard and click on Emoji.
Now when you type on your iPad you will see a Globe icon next to the space bar. Click that and your new smiley faces are useable!

Tip #3
Want to take a picture of your screen? Just hold down the power button and the Home button at the same time. Click. It is now saved in your Photo Roll and Photo Stream (if you have it turned on)!

Tip #4
Do you want to have easy access to your favorite website? You can make a website appear on your iPad, like an app. 
Go to your favorite website. At the top near the address bar there is an icon of an arrow coming out of the box....click it  >Click Add to Home Screen  >If you want to change the name, go for it, then click add. It will then create a shortcut on your iPad that looks like an app. 

 Tip #5
Would you rather text than type? When the keyboard is up, just place 2 fingers in the middle of the keyboard. Swipe fingers in opposite direction to split the keyboard. (1/2 on the left and 1/2 on the right).....text away. If you want the real board back just swipe it back to the center.

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