Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An App a Day on a Teacher's Pay!

                               June 12, 2012....Free

One of my students introduced me to this App. It took a little time to set up as a teacher and a class, but it was worth it. I had been using Moodle, but my class and myself found Edmodo to be much more user friendly and FUN! It looks a lot like Facebook. It is a social network that is safe for students to use. I created "classes" for each subject as well as a "Chat" page. In Edmodo, assignments can be created, completed, graded and returned with just a few clicks of the button! It's use is endless. I did allow my kids to "Chat" on the chat page, but not during class. They used this page instead of other social networks, since parents felt it was safer. (As a teacher I received an email every time something was posted, so I could monitor the chats.)

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  1. I used Edmodo in my class as a discussion forum, and it worked really well! It got kids discussing various topics. I tried using the assignment aspect of Edmodo, but did not find it very user friendly. You also are able to create polls in Edmodo this feature is very nice. I would agree with you Sara that the time spent setting up Edmodo is well worth it.

    I am thinking about using Edublogs in my class this up coming year, but will continue to use Edmodo as well. Edmodo is a great way to start kids blogging. Think of Edmodo as a mini blog.


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